About Civil Service Ethics

The most important job of incorruptible politics is to prevent and anti-corruption. In order to anti-corruption from the fundamental, government should combine each department and schools thoroughly to carry out clean politics. The core principals are to address both the symptoms and root cause and broaden the administration scope, so that to build up a complete anti-corruption system.

Meanwhile, emphasize anti-corruption measure and execute ethic risk management to set up the anti-corruption cognition of general publics. Embrace the force of enterprises, communities, associations and schools to form a corruption control team. Collect the requirements and opinions about administration setting and reforming fromcitizenry to create a probity government and society. Chiayi City government will be a more honest and competitive team to fulfill the commitments of Chiayi major for forming Chiayi city as an energetic, effective, safe, prosperous, friendly and beautiful city.