Our commitment

The Article 10 in the “Act of the Establishment of the Government EmployeeEthics Units and Officers” shows “In conducting government employee ethics affairs authorized by laws, the government employee ethics officers in respective organs shall act under the order of the chief of the organs as well as under the direction and supervision of the government employee ethics unit of its superior organ“, which indicates clearly that ethics institute is the assistant in civil service organ. From the aspects of statutory working items, the function of ethics institute is to assist the chief of organ preventing any corruptions. It is like the immunity system in the government organizations.

A.Three Major Principals

Promote the benefit of anti-corruption is much better than preventing it.

Guard is more important than examination and punishment.

Provide civil service instead of intervening.


B.Working Creeds

  1. In order to construct a high quality working environment, we would promote the benefit of service and expect the civil service officers have the courage to take job responsibility.
  2. In order to maintain the dignity and legitimate right of civil service officers, we would put caring into practice thoroughly.
  3. Once there is civil service ethics, there won’t be any abominable corruption and the officers won’t be treated unjustly in the organization.